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What we do 

Financial Management Services of America LLC. was formed to give you impeccable service by working with you to create your very own financial plan. A plan that can grow as you grow and change as you change. ​​

  • We work with you to create your very own financial plan.

    1 hr

    Introductory Meeting
  • Make sure you plan ahead

    1 hr

    Introductory Meeting
  • We will work closely with your attorney to help coordinate your estate

    1 hr

    Introductory Meeting
  • We help you financially plan for your child's higher education

    1 hr

    Introductory Meeting
  • We understand the value of insurance needs.

    1 hr


Investment Management

Traditional IRA
Roth IRA
Small Business Planning
Simple IRA
401 (K)
Investment Management
FMSA is a value manager. 

Value investors seek to buy stocks trading at prices well below the estimated value of the underlying businesses. We believe that, in the long term, the prices of these stocks will rise as the market recognizes their true worth. By holding these stocks for three to five years, we believe they will help us deliver favorable long-term results with a margin of safety.

We look for a business with a potential margin of safety – one selling at a price below our estimate of its intrinsic value.

Investment Management
Gardening Together


Mutual Funds
SEP IRAs, Coverdell ESAs
401 (K) & Profit Sharing Plans
Income Tax Reduction Plans
Tax Deferred Investments
Tax-Free Income Planning
403 (B) Plan Services & Analysis
Even if retirement is still far off at this point in your life, you can take steps today to work toward financial independence so you have the freedom to make retirement your own. 
Wherever you are on your path to retirement, life after a regular paycheck takes preparation.   
With daily responsibilities and competing for financial priorities, it can be easy to put off. 

Retirement Planning
Signing a Contract



Last Will and Testament
Charitable Giving Plans
Asset Transfer Strategies
Regardless of age or financial status, we believe putting an estate plan in place is an important part of your overall financial picture. 
This is why we will work closely with your attorney to help coordinate your estate.

Estate Planning


529 Plan
Prepaid Tuition Plans & Savings Plans
Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA)
With college costs continuing to rise faster than the rate of inflation, financing a child's higher education can be a challenge.  Fortunately, there are sound strategies you can use to pay college expenses for your children or grandchildren while keeping an eye on your overall financial goals. 
Even if your child or grandchild only has a few years remaining before college, prudent planning can help you save the largest amount in the shortest amount of time. In addition, you may benefit from specific tax advantages for contributing to college expenses.
Education Planning

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

Insurance Consultation


Life Insurance
Group Health
Disability Insurance
Long-Term Care
Business Protection and Continuation Plan
We understand the value of a proper comprehensive financial plan including insurance needs; therefore we have partnered with the following companies to provide these services.

Insurance Planning
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