Regardless of age or financial status, we believe putting an estate plan in place is an important part of your overall financial picture.     
This is why we will work closely with your attorney to help coordinate your estate.

A last will and testament is a legal document that communicates a person's final wishes pertaining to possessions and dependents.

A person's last will and testament outline what to do with possessions, whether he is leaving them to another person or group or donating them to charity, and what happens to other things for which he is responsible, such as custody of dependents and accounts and interests management.


Trusts allow your assets and possessions to skip the probate court process and go directly to intended recipients, saving time and money spent on court and attorney fees.

Trusts can also be arranged to cooperate with laws currently in effect, in order to avoid various types of taxes.

But if the law changes by the time you die, aspects of the trust governed by former laws may no longer result in the best tax outcome.
Last Will and Testament

Charitable Giving Plans

A gift made by an individual or an organization to a nonprofit organization, charity or private foundation.

Charitable donations are commonly in the form of cash, but can also take the form of real estate, motor vehicles, appreciated securities, clothing and other assets or services.

Charitable donations often represent the primary source of funding for many charitable organizations and nonprofit organizations.

In most countries, a charitable donation made by an individual will provide him or her with an income tax deduction.

Asset Transfer Strategies

A change in ownership of an asset, or a movement of funds and/or assets from one account to another.

A transfer may involve an exchange of funds when it involves a change in ownership, such as when an investor sells a real estate holding. In this case, there is a transfer of title from the seller to the buyer and a simultaneous transfer of funds, equal to the negotiated price, from the buyer to the seller.

The term transfer may also refer to the movement of an account from one bank or brokerage to another.
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