FMSA is a value manager. 

Value investors seek to buy stocks trading at prices well below the estimated value of the underlying businesses. We believe that, in the long term, the prices of these stocks will rise as the market recognizes their true worth. By holding these stocks for three to five years, we believe they will help us deliver favorable long-term results with a margin of safety.

We look for a business with a potential margin of safety – one selling at a price below our estimate of its intrinsic value.

Individual/Family Planning

Small Business Planning

  1. Executive Director
    Traditional IRA
    Retirement Planning
    ~Tax-Deferred ~Can contribute up to $5,500/year ~$6,500/year if older than 50 ~No Income limits
  2. Executive Director
    Roth IRA
    Retirement Planning
    ~After Tax Contributions ~Can contribute up to $5,500/year ~$6,500/year if older than 50 ~Income limits
  3. Executive Director
    Retirement Planning
    ~Tax-Deferred ~Employers can take tax deductions ~Employer required contributions ~No employee contribution required
  4. Executive Director
    Simple IRA
    Retirement Plannng
    ~Tax-Deferred ~Employer required contributions ~Employers can take tax deductions ~Employee contributions required
  5. Executive Director
    401 (K)
    Retirement Planning
    ~Tax-Deferred ~Employer Sponsored ~Can contribute up to 18,000/year ~$24,000/year if older than 50 ~No income limits
  6. Executive Director
    Investment Mgt.
    Managed Accounts
    We analyze long-term rates of return, cash flows, balance sheet strength, management, asset values, and liquidation values. We also often look at private market transactions to determine intrinsic, or fair, value.


Book values can be very misleading as a measure of value. They are the result of generally accepted accounting principles that can be inconsistent with the true value of a business, dependant on industry and nature of the business. As a result, our team of research professionals may make adjustments to book values to more accurately assess different companies. For example, an obsolete steel plant may be worth far less than the stated value on the balance sheet. Conversely, a well known a dominant brand name may have accumulated tremendous value that is not reflected on the balance sheet. We tend to purchase a stock if it is trading at a significant discount from its intrinsic value, as calculated by our fundamental research and analysis. Ultimately, we are business buyers. We approach investing as would any rational, private businessperson who was about to purchase a company. 
Meet the FMSA Team

Financial Management Services of America LLC. was formed to give you impeccable service by working with you to create your very own financial plan. A plan that can grow as you grow and change as you change. ​​

We strive to meet your business and individual needs by analzying every aspect of your finances from debt repayment to investment objectives. Once we completely understand your goals we can begin to construct a financial plan that is all yours. We visit on a regular basis to insure that your needs and concerns will be met by revaluating your financial picture.

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